These videos are shot from a fan's perspective - as part of the audience (no photo passes) & almost always at or near the front. I do my best to shoot a few videos from each band...never a full set...I am there as a fan first and foremost and want to fully enjoy the performances of these bands that I love!
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 10 Years
 Abigail Williams
09/04/16 Godhead
07/09/16 NFC?
  09/04/16 NFC?
 Abysmal Dawn
03/19/16In Service Of Time
 After The Burial07/23/16
 Amon Amarth 04/18/16 One Thousand Burning Arrows
 Cry Of The Blackbirds

Inquisition Symphony
Seek & Destroy
 Atheist01/30/16Piece Of Time
 At The Gates
02/09/16Suicide Nation
The Circular Ruins
Unto Others
Eater Of Gods

 Belphegor 09/04/16NFC? 1
NFC? 2
 Bhavachakra01/09/16The Burden Of Attachment
 Broken Hope
01/30/16Womb Of Horrors
The Docking Dead
The Flesh Mechanic

Star Wars
Buckethead's Toystore

 Cannibal Corpse
03/19/16Pit Of Zombies
Kill Or Become
Covered With Sores
I Cum Blood

Stripped, Raped & Strangled
Skull Full Of Maggots
Kill Or Become

 Carnifex 07/23/16Drown Me In Blood
Dark Days

 Corrosion Of Conformity
01/30/16Heaven's Not Overflowing

 Cryptopsy 03/19/16NFC?
 Decapitated02/09/16Blood Mantra
 Deicide01/30/16Scars Of The Crucifix
Thou Begone

 Emporos01/09/16Decomposition Process
Knuckle Sandwich
 Enterprise Earth
This Hell, My Home
 Entombed A.D.04/18/16 Living Dead
 Second To None

 For The Horde
 Moonlight Sonata (Act 3)

07/09/6  And Then There Were None
 A Lesson In Violence
 Blacklist (with Brian Werner)
 Toxic Waltz
 Failure Anthem
Leap Of Faith
The Cell
Terra Inc
 Harm's Way
02/09/16Docile Bodies
 Here Come The Mummies
 High On Fire03/20/16
The Falconist
Narssistic Apathy
 Iron Maiden
02/24/16Tears Of A Clown
The Book Of Souls (with Eddie!)
Number Of The Beast

 Issues04/30/16Life Of A Nine
Vengeance's Revelation
Combustion Inferno

 Lamb Of God04/30/16

Los Lonely Boys03/04/16
 Madball 01/30/16Can't Stop, Won't Stop
Para mi Gente

 Malevolent Creation
01/30/16Blood Of The Fallen
Manic Demise

 Marilyn Manson
07/02/16 Deep Six
Fatal Illusion

 Melt Banana
04/07/166 Short Songs
 Melvins04/07/16Magic Pig Detective

 Murder Suicide
 Napalm Death
04/07/16Continuing War On Stupidity
Conform (Siege cover)
How The Years Condemn

 Necrophagia07/01/16 Dead Skin Slave
The Dead Among Us
In The Name Of Amun
The Inevitable Degradation Of Flesh

Call To Destruction
Black Seeds Of Vengeance

 Obituary01/30/16'Til Death
Back On Top
City Beneath The Surface (w/ Jon Oliva)
The Dungeons Are Calling (w/Jon Oliva)

Slowly We Rot
new song
wall of death

 Prophets Of Rage
She Watch Channel Zero?!
How I Could Just Kill A Man
Like A Stone (Audioslave cover)

 Revocation 07/23/16Dismantle The Dictator

Not Today
Face To Face (w/Joey Belladonna)
 Skeletonwitch03/20/16Well Of Despair
 Sons Of Ragnar
 The Glorious Sons

 The Haunted
02/09/16The Flood
Hate Song

 Tribulation03/20/16Holy Libations
 Trouble01/30/16The Sleeper
Paranoia Conspiracy
 Venom Inc
07/01/16Sons Of Satan
Blackened Are The Priests
 Zakk Wylde
02/19/16Suicide Messiah
Spoke In The Wheel
In This River
The Blessed Hellride


 Aeon 03/07/15 Forgiveness Denied
 God Gives Head In Heaven
 A Flock Of Seagulls
 07/30/15The More You Live...
 Spaceage Love Song
 I Ran

 Alice Cooper 02/18/15 No More Mr. Nice Guy
 Hey Stoopid
 Dirty Diamonds
 Welcome To My Nightmare
 I Love The Dead

 Amerakin Overdose
 10/10/15 Medicate
 Ancestor 06/27/15 Blackult
 Anthrax 09/25/15 Got The Time
 Neon Knights (cover)

 Arsis 06/05/15 We Are The Nightmare
 Seven Whispers Fell Silent
 Atlas 04/04/15 Pirate Song
 War Of Conquest

 Atlas 11/06/15 Destroyer Of The Worlds
 Before The Mourning
 08/30/15 Another Sleepless Night
 Behemoth 03/07/15 Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer
 Chant For Eschaton 2000
 Black Crown Initiate
 01/27/15 The Fractured One
 Breaking Benjamin
 08/2/15 Hopeless
 Schism/Teen Spirit/Walk
 I Will Not Bow

  Bullet For My Valentine 07/24/15 Scream Aim Fire
 Bullet For My Valentine
 07/24/15 Army Of Noise
 Cannibal Corpse
 03/07/15 Evisceration Plague
 Kill Or Become
 Hammer Smashed Face

 Cannibal Corpse 11/07/15 Kill Or Become
 Sentenced To Burn
 Skull Full Of Maggots (w/Travis Ryan)
 Hammer Smashed Face

 Cattle Decapitation
 11/07/15 Forced Gender Reassignment
 Circo Inhumanitas
 Manufactured Extinct

Clutch 10/03/15 Crucial Velocity
 Unto The Breach
 Your Love Is Incarceration
 D.C. Sound Attack!

 Corrosion Of Conformity
 10/03/15 Senior Limpio
 Clean My Wounds

 Crowbar 12/16/15 No Quarter (cover)
 To Build A Mountain
 New Dawn
 High Rate Extinction
 Crobot 09/25/15 Welcome To Fat City
 Deicide 06/27/15 Dead By Dawn
 Once Upon The Cross
 Scars Of The Crucifix
 End The Wrath Of God
 Sacrificial Suicide
 Destruction 06/05/15 Nailed To The Cross
 Eternal Ban

 Emporos 06/06/15 Sinbearer
 Decomposition Process

 Exhumed 01/27/15 Casketcrusher
 Limb From Limb
 The Shape Of Deaths To Come
 Consuming Impulse
 Bud Burke loses his head
 Fear Factory
 08/30/15 Damaged
 Soul Hacker

 Fires Eternal
 11//06/15 NFC?
 Gravewurm 04/04/15 NIght Hag
 Guverra 04/04/15 False Prophets
 Guverra 11/06/15 Alone
 Hatebreed 02/28/15 Burn The Lies
 Empty Promises
 Hatebreed 04/26/15 Last Breath
 Driven By Suffering

 High On Fire
 12/16/15 Death Is This Communion
 Cometh Down Hessian

 Hour Of Peril
 11/07/15 NFC?
 In Flames
 04/26/15 Clayman
 Deliver Us
 "Fuck Bud Light"

 Iron Reagan
 01/27/15 Eyeball Gore
 5 songs in 2 1/2 minutes
 Kicking Harold
 10/16/15 Kill You

 Killing Addiction
 04/04/15 Promethean
 Altered At Birth

 Koroidia 06/27/15 The Gorgon
 Wrath Abomination

 Lacerate 06/06/15 Oppression Hex
 Lamb Of God
 07/24/15 Ghost Walking
 Lamb Of God
 07/25/15 Still Echos
 Machine Head
 01/24/15 Bite The Bullet
 From This Day
 In Comes The Flood
 Darkness Within intro
 Killers & Kings
 Sail Into The Black
 Machine Head
 01/25/15 From This Day
 In Comes The Flood
 Phil-harmonic Solo
 Sail Into The Black
 Aesthetics Of Hate (w/Journey intro)

 Machine Head
 12/04/15 Elegy
 Killers & Kings

 Made Of Metal 07/31/15
 Somebody Save Me (cover)
 Hello From The Gutter (w/Bobby   Gustafson)
2 Minutes To Midnight (w/Nicko McBrain)

 Ministry 04/25/15 Rio Grande Blood
 Just One Fix mud pit

 Mortiis 10/10/15 NFC?

 Motionless In White
  Motionless In White 07/25/15 If It's Dead, We'll Kill It
 Motorhead 09/25/15 Rock It

 Murder Suicide
 06/27/15 Bonecrusher
 Souls Of The Dead

 Mushroomhead 10/10/15 We Are The Truth
 For Your Pleasure

 Napalm Death
 01/27/15 When All Is Said And Done
 Smash A Single Digit
 How The Years Condemn
 Stubborn Stains(& proposal)
 Everyday Pox
 Timeless Flogging
 Nazi Punks Fuck Off (cover)
 Nazareth 08/09/15 Turn On Your Receiver
 Love Hurts

 Obituary 06/06/15 Visions In My Head
 Inked In Blood
 Back To One
 Slowly We Rot (clip)

 Once Human
 08/30/15 Pick Your Poison
 The Life I Remember

 Otep 02/28/15 Crooked Spoons
 Blood Pigs
 Periphery 04/25/15 Make Total Destroy
 Ringworm 01/27/15 NFC?
 Rotting Christ
 11/27/15 Athenati Este
 The Sign Of Evil Existence
 September Mourning  10/10/15
 Sepultura 06/05/15
 Manipulation Of Tragedy
 Under My Skin
 Orgasmatron (Motorhead cover)
 cover clip
 Eye Of The Tiger (Survivor cover clip)

 Shroud Eater
 12/16/15 NFC?
 Slayer 04/25/15 Postmortem
 Hate Worldwide
 South Of Heaven
 Angel Of Death

 Slipknot 04/26/15 (sic)
 07/24/15 Devil In I
  Slipknot 07/25/15 Wait And Bleed
 Sons Of Ragnar
 11/06/15 NFC?
 Soreption 11/07/15 Reveal The Unseen
 Wolf Among Men
 March Of The Tyrants

 Starkill 06/05/15 NFC?
 Winter Desolation
 Starset 08/25/15 My Demons
 Testament 04/25/15 Burnt Offerings
 A Day Of Reckoning
 The Bloodline
 08/30/15 Dead & Buried
 The Shrine
 10/03/15 Coming Down Quick
 The Winery Dogs
 10/16/15 Billy Sheehan bass solo
 Ghost Town
 Time Machine

 Thicket 06/06/15 Cold Flame
 Thrashaholica 06/06/15 NFC?
 Sabbath Blood

 Tremonti 04/26/15 Another Heart
 Tremonti 09/09/15 You Waste Your Time
 Flying Monkeys
 Radical Change
 Tie The Noose

 Tribulation 03/07/15 The Vampyre
 When The Sky Is Black With Devils
 Trivium 09/09/15 Becoming The Dragon
 Built To Fall
 Until The World Goes Cold
 Blind Leading The Blind

 Unsaid Fate
 10/10/15 NFC?
 Vital Remains
 04/04/15 cross conflict
 Hammer Down The Nails
 A World Without God
 Voivod 01/27/15 Tribal Convictions
 Mechanical Mind
 We Are Connected

 Wilson 09/09/15 NFC?
  Young Guns
 08/25/15 Elements


 1349 04/15/14 Slaves
 Atomic Chapel

 3 Years Hollow
 11/08/14 Hungry
 Adrenaline Mob
 04/30/14 Come On Get Up
 The Mob Rules (Sabbath cover)

 Amon Amarth
 01/26/14 Death In Fire
 The Pursuit Of Vikings
 Guardians Of Asgaard
 Amon Amarth
 10/25/14 Free Will Sacrifice
 The Pursuit Of Vikings
 For Victory Or Death

 Arcsin 01/25/14 Regulate
 Atrocity 01/31/14 Pandæmonium
 Fatal Step
 March Of The Undying
 Satan's Braut

 Avenged Sevenfold
 04/30/14 Critical Acclaim
 Behemoth 04/15/14 Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer
 Ov Fire And The Void
 Chrisitans To The Lions
 Chant For Eschaton

 Black Crown Inititate 04/15/14 NFC?
Boreworm 07/29/14 NFC?
 Carcass 01/25/14 Carnal Forge
 Captive Bolt Pistol
 Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System
 Noncompliance To ASTM F 899-12 Standard
 Keep On Rotting In The Free World
 Carcass 03/18/14 Unfit For Human Consumption
 Carnal Forge
 Captive Bolt Pistol
 Corporal Jigsore Quandary
 Ruptured In Purulence
 Carneous Cacoffiny
 Carnifex 06/18/14 Dark Days
 Dead But Dreaming

 Cold 02/18/14 Happens All The Time
 So Long June
 Conquering Dystopia
 06/07/14 Tethys
 Kufra At Dusk
 Destroyer Of Dreams

 Crobot 11/08/14 Nowhere To Hide
 Crowbar 12/02/14 Conquering
 Sever The Wicked Hand
 I Have Failed

 Cyst 01/25/14 NFC?
 Death Angel   09/20/14
 Claws In So Deep
 The Ultra-Violence
 Mistress Of Pain
 3rd Floor

Death (To All)
 12/07/14 The Philosopher
 Flattening Of Emotions
 Overactive Imagination
 Bite The Pain
 Pull The Plug

 Decrepit Birth
 07/29/14 The Resonance
 Def Leppard 07/22/14 Foolin'
 Two Steps Behind

 Deicide 04/04/14 When Satan Rules His World
 In The Minds Of Evil
 Beyond Salvation

 Devildriver 06/18/14 Meet The Wretched
 Dead To Rights
 Not All Who Wander Are Lost

 Dying Fetus
 07/29/14 From Womb To Waste
 Your Treachery Will Die With You

 Enslaved 01/26/14 Ethica Odini

 Escape 09/21/14 Rompiendo el Silencio
 Exodus 11/21/14 A Lesson In Violence
 Toxic Waltz

 Fallujah 07/29/14 NFC?

 Fit For An Autopsy
 06/18/14 Still We Destroy
 From The Embrace  05/15/15 Where Solace Sleeps
 Gemini Syndrome
 11/08/14 Mourning Star
 Goatwhore 04/15/14 In Deathless Tradition
 Baring Teeth For Revolt
 Goatwhore 7/29/14 FBS
 An End To Nothing

 Ghost 05/07/14 Ritual
 Body And Blood
 Here Comes The Sun (Beatles cover)
 Ghuleah/Zombie Queen
 Monstrance Clock

 Gojira 11/08/14 L'enfant Sauvage

 Gorguts 03/18/14 Forgotten Arrows
 Colored Sands

 HellYeah 04/30/14 Sangre por Sangre (Blood For Blood)
 Demons In The Dirt

 Hellwitch 12/07/14 Dawn Of Apostasy
 High On Fire
 09/20/14 NFC?
 Snakes For The Divine

 Iced Earth
 04/25/14 The Hunter
 Red Baron/Blue Max
 If I Could See You
 Watching Over Me

 Inquisition 04/15/14 Infinite Interstellar Genocide

 Internal Bleeding
 10/12/14 Castigo Corpus Meum
 Anointed Servitude

 Judas Priest

Living After Midnight
 Hellbent For Leather
 Turbo Lover
 Redeemer Of Souls
 Devil's Child

 Jungle Rot
 10/12/14 Demon Souls
 Kadaver Dolls
 05/15/15 The Suffering
 Kataklysm 10/12/14 If I Was God....I'd Burn It All
 The Awakener

 King Dude
 05/07/14 NFC?
 Kinlin 12/06/14 NFC?
 Kiss 07/22/14 Rock And Roll All Nite
 Hotter Than Hell
 Shout It Out Loud

 Leaves' Eyes
 01/31/14 Farewell Proud Men

 Lou Gramm
 07/31/14 Hot Blooded
 I Want To Know What Love Is
 Just Between You And Me

 Made Of Metal
 Crystal Mountain (Death cover)

 Made Of Metal
 09/21/14 Alison Hell (Annihilator cover)
 The Last Act Of Defiance (Exodus cover)

 Magazine Society
 05/14/14 Tonight
 Maruta 01/25/14 March Forward (Into Regresion)

 Maruta 03/18/14 NFC?
 Mastodon 11/08/14 High Road

 Moonspell 01/31/14 Alpha Noir
 Em nome do medo
 Scorpion Flower
 Full Moon Madness

 Morbid Angel
 07/29/14 Fall From Grace
 Vengeance Is Mine
 World Of Shit
 Blood On My Hands
 Existo Vulgore

 Must.Not.Kill 10/12/14 NFC?
 Nicko McBrain
 12/06/14 The Wicker Man
 2 Minutes To Midnight
 Hallowed Be Thy Name
 Blood Brothers
 Number Of The Beast
 Nile 05/15/15 Chapter...Transforming Into A Snake
 As He Creates So He Destroys

 Nine Inch Nails
 08/10/14 Came Back Haunted

 Noisem 03/18/14
 Nonpoint 11/08/14 Broken Bones

 NZM 12/06/14 Highway Star (cover)
 Obituary 12/07/14 Chopped In Half
 Back To One
 Slowly We Rot

 Orbweaver 04/04/14 Crystal Prisms
 Those Of Non-Being

 Orbweaver 09/20/14 NFC?
 Origin 07/29/14 Portal
 All Things Dead
 Predator 04/25/14 Ingrid Betancourt
 Prophecy Z14
 05/15/14 Relish The Fear
 Pillar Of Salt

 Psykotribe 07/29/14
 Inhuman Condition


 10/12/14 Confrontation
 Revamp 04/25/14 Neuresthenia
 Revocation 06/18/14 Invidious
 Madness Opus

 Rivers Of Nihil
 06/18/14 Mechanical Trees
Rivers Of Nihil
 Central Antheneum
 Birth Of The Omnisaviour
 Seed & Soil (prank)

 Sabaton 04/25/14 Swedish Pagans
 To Hell And Back
 Sabaton 10/25/14 YMCA
 Resist And Bite
 Sapraemia 04/04/14 Aneurism
 Sarcophagi 07/29/14 The Almighty
 Skeletonwitch 01/26/14 Beyond The Permafrost
 Sacrifice For The Slaughtergod

 Skeletonwitch 10/25/14 Beneath Dead Leaves
 Slayer 11/21/14 War Ensemble
 At Dawn They Sleep

 Solstice 04/04/14 Cleansed Of Impurity

 Solstice 09/20/14 Cleansed Of Impurity

 Soundgarden  08/10/14 Gun
 Beyond The Wheel
 A Thousand Days Before

 Steel Panther  10/30/14 17 Girls In A Row
 Suffocation 10/12/14 Catatonia

 Suicidal Tendencies
 11/21/14 War Inside My Head
 Possessed To Skate
 I Saw Your Mommy
 Cyco Vision

 Testament 09/21/14 Formation Of Damnation
 More Than Meets The Eye
 Dark Roots Of Earth
 Into The Pit (& marriage proposal)
 Over The Wall

 The Black Dahlia Murder
 03/18/14 Their Beloved Absentee
 The Winery Dogs
 05/14/14 We Are One
 Doin' What The Devil Says To Do
 Love Is Alive (Gary Wright cover)
 Shy Boy (Talas cover)

 Thrash Or Die
 09/20/14 No Posers Allowed
 Ulcer 05/15/15 Dead Maggot Spitting Head
 Unearth 12/02/14 The Swarm
 The Great Dividers
 Watch It Burn

 Virulentus 01/25/14 NFC?
 Whitechapel 06/18/14 Possession

 Within The Ruins
 07/29/14 Calling Card
 I, Blasheme


 3 Inches Of Blood 5/11/13
 Leather Lord
 Tom Sawyer (Rush cover)
 A Band Of Orcs 11/4/13
 Abdomen Canvas 10/6/13
 A Morbid Set Of Morals
 Abdomen Canvas 11/15/13
 Abiotic 5/11/13
 Abiotic 7/29/13
 Abiotic 10/6/13 Facades
 wall of death (clip)
 Aeon 7/29/13
 Still They Pray
 Forgiveness Denied
 After Death 7/19/13
 Chapel Of Ghouls
 Devourer Of Souls
 All Shall Perish 2/2/13
 The Day Of Justice
 Amon Amarth 7/31/13
 War Of The Gods
 Arbitration 4/12/13
 Deep Sea Crabs
 Arbitration 7/19/13
 Raped, Skinned, Eatin... 
 Arsis 9/3/13
 Maddening Disdain
 Attika7 7/31/13  Serial Killer
 Devil's Daughter
 Battlecross 2/2/13
 Push, Pull, Destroy
 Battlecross 7/31/13
 Black Sabbath 7/29/13
 Black Sabbath
 Children of The Grave
 Blowtorch Sodomy 12/22/13
 Butcher Babies 7/31/13
 Jesus Needs More Babies...
 Cannibal Corpse 6/12/13 Sentenced To Burn
 Demented Aggression
 Hammer Smashed Face
 Cannibal Corpse 11/29/13
 Addicted To Vaginal Skin
 Evisceration Plague
 Cattle Decapitation 7/29/13
 Projectile Ovulation
 Chernobyl 8/2/13
 Holy Wars (cover)
 Hate is Desire

 Cyst 12/22/13
 Dark Legacy 3/5/13
 Forsaken Reign
 Deadman's Gambit 3/20/13
 Bury The Hatchet
 Deadman's Gambit 10/23/13
 True To Form
 Death Wolf 3/15/13 Snake Mountain
 Deicide 7/19/13
 When Satan Rules His World
 Save Your
 Witness Of Death
 Demon Hunter 2/2/13

 I Play Dead
 We Don't Care

 Devildriver 11/23/13
 Sail (cover)
 Clouds Over California
 Before The Hangman's Noose
 Not All Who Wander Are Lost
 Meet The Wretched
 Devildriver 11/24/13 Not All Who Wander Are Lost
 The Appetite
 Dissident Aggressor 8/2/13
 New Song #2
 Druid Lord 6/8/13
 Gorgon Witch
 Druid Lord 11/15/13
 Black Candle Seance
 Dying Fetus 2/11/13 Schematics
 Dying Fetus 10/6/13
 From Womb To Waste
 Pissing In The Mainstream
 One Shot One Kill
 The Blood Of Power
 Homicidal Retribution
 Execration 9/21/13
 Acceptance Of Zero Existence
 Exhumed 10/6/13
 Limb From Limb
 In The Name Of Gore
 Reviving Bud Burke
 As Hammer To Anvil
 Exhumed 12/22/13

 Forged in Fire

  Exodus 4/12/13

A Lesson In Violence
Rock You Like A Hurricane
Strike of The Beast

 Extremely Rotten 9/21/13
 Vomiting Entrails
 Systematic Obliteration
 Faethom 12/07/13 Heros de las Minas
 Fear Factory 5/10/13Demanufacture
 Fero Lux 7/29/13
Books On Tape
 Firewind 3/5/13

 Destination Forever

 Losing My Mind 

 Five Finger Death Punch 7/31/13
 Far From Home
 Bad Company (cover)
 Fleshgod Apocalypse 9/3/13 The Forsaking
 Minotaur (The Wrath Of Poseiden)
 The Egoism
 Goatwhore 5/11/13

 When Steel & Bone Meet
 Sky Inferno
 Slayer tribute
 Apocalyptic Havoc

 Gojira 2/4/13

 The Art Of Dying
 The Gift Of Guilt

 GWAR 11/4/13
 Metal Metal Land
 Hatebreed 2/11/13


 Hate Eternal 5/10/13
 Servants Of The Gods
 Hate Tank 7/19/13 Piss & Moan
 Havok 8/2/13
 Point Of No Return
 Havok 10/23/13
 Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death
 Time Is Up
 Hellwitch 11/29/13
 Vicious Avidity
 Hot Graves 8/2/13
 Roach Pussy Crucifix
 Immolation 6/12/13
 Majesty & Decay

 Incite 3/20/13

 Down & Out
 Feel The Flames 

 In Flames 2/2/13

 Fear Is The Weakness
 Deliver Us
 Cloud Connected

 Inquisition 3/15/13

 Crush The Jewish Prophet
 Desolate Funeral Chant 

 Iron Reagan 11/4/13
 Can't Stand You (cover)
 circle pit
 Tony crowdsurfing
 Job For A Cowboy 7/31/13 Children Of Deceit
 Katatonia 5/2/13
 My Twin
  Kobra And The Lotus 5/10/13
 Lody Kong 3/20/13
 Machine Head 7/31/13
 Magrudergrind 6/12/13
 Marduk 3/15/13
 Throne Of Rats
 Temple Of Decay 
 Masticator 9/3/13
 Continue The Bloodshed
 Mastodon 7/31/13
 Maverick Hunter 4/12/13
 Death's Head
 Mindscar 9/21/13
 Moonspell 3/15/13 Finisterra
 Love Is Blasphemy
 Morbid Angel 12/7/13
 Immortal Rites
 Lion's Den
 Murder Suicide 11/29/13
 I Am Hell
 Voices Of Genocide
 Napalm Death 6/12/13
 Suffer The Children
 Nicko McBrain 8/13/13
 The Trooper
 Obituary 6/8/13
 Cause Of Death
 Immortal Visions
 Slowly We Rot
 Opeth 5/2/13
 Ghost Of Perdition
 Demon Of The Fall
 White Cluster
 Harlequin Forest
 Orbweaver 9/3/13
 Orbweaver 12/07/13 The Church Warden Procedure
 Ovid's Withering 7/29/13
 The Omen Of Lycaon
 Paths Of Possession 7/19/13
 Bring Me The Head Of Christ
 End Of The Hour
 The Second Coming
 Paths Of Possession 11/15/13  Bring Me The Head Of Christ
 In My Eyes
 Memory Burn
Promethean Horde 11/15/13
 Unknown Corpses
 Spirit Of The Water
 Prophecy Z14 10/6/13
 Fragments Of Existence
 Another Nail
 Revolution 10/23/13
 Rings Of Saturn 7/29/13
 Peeling Arteries
 Riptorn 4/12/13
 Rob Zombie 7/31/13
ohn 5's Birthday
 Living Dead Girl
 Sacrificial Slaughter 9/21/13
 Forced Incarceration
Shadows Fall 2/11/13

 War (Bob Marley cover)
 Fire From The Sky

  Silenmara 5/10/13
 Carbon Dated
 Singod 6/8/13
 Soulfly 3/20/13

 Arise (Sepultura cover)

 Soulfly 10/23/13
 I and I
Starkill 9/3/13
 Immortal Hunt
 The Atlas Moth 2/4/13 NFC?
 The Contortionist 2/11/13
 The Devin Townsend Project 2/4/13
 Planet Of The Apes
 The Foreshadowing 3/15/13
 Forsaken Son
 The Glorious Death 12/22/13
 Mortal Disease
 Thy Will Be Done 3/29/13

 A Solemn Oath
 You, The Apathy Divine
 Raining Blood (Slayer  cover) 

 Thy Will Be Done 11/23/13 Subversion Of The Sleep
 A Lion And A Lamb
 And Fire Will Fall
 Thy Will Be Done 11/24/13
 You, The Apathy Divine
 And Fire Will Fall
 Trivium 11/23/13
 Brave This Storm
 A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation
 Trivium 11/24/13
 Becoming The Dragon
  Turisas 3/5/13

 Miklagard Overture

 Battle Metal

 In The Court Of Jarisleif

 To Holmgard & Beyond

 One More 

 Ulcer 9/21/13 Embrace The Horror
 Vader 9/21/13
 Reborn In Flames
 Sword Of The Witcher
 Vital Remains 9/21/13 Scorned
 Descent Into Hell
  Volbeat 4/13/13
 Hallelujah Goat

 Volcanic Slut 4/12/13
 Waking The Cadaver 10/6/13
 Life Lesson
 Chased Through The Woods...
 Whitechapel 11/4/13
 I, Dementia
 Possibilities Of An Impossible Existence
 wall of death
 Wintersun 9/3/13
 Land Of Snow And Sorrow
 Darkness And Frost
 Winter Madness
  Withered 5/11/13


3 Inches Of Blood 3/17/12
Metal Woman
Abiotic 7/31/12
All That Remains 10/27/12
This Calling
All That Remains 12/8/12
For We Are Many
Anthrax 7/13/12
Fight 'Em Til You Can't
As I Lay Dying 7/13/12
The Sound Of Truth
Atheist 6/30/12
Mother Man
Second To Sun
Behemoth 5/1/12
Moonspell Rites
The Seed Ov I
Bonded By Blood 10/13/12
Among The Vultures
Immortal Life
Broken Hope 9/8/12
Swamped In Gore
Remember My Members
Pitbull Grin
Felching Vampires
Cannibal Corpse 1/22/12

Death Walking Terror
The Time To Kill Is Now
Pit Of Zombies
Hammer Smashed Face
Priests Of Sodom
Striped, Raped & Strangled
Cannibal Corpse 12/6/12
I Cum Blood
Encased In Concrete
Hammer Smashed Face
Cerebral Bore 7/31/12
Darkest Hour 2/9/12
A Thousand Words To Say But One
Dead Walking Terror 3/17/12
Death Angel 10/13/12
Evil Priest
Kill As One
The Ultra-Violence
Thrown To The Wolves
Death(To All) 6/30/12
Within The Mind
Left To Die
Lack Of Comprehension
Secret Face
The Philosopher
Overactive Imagination
Bite The Pain
Zero Tolerance
Crystal Mountain
Flesh & The Power It Holds
Happy Birthday
Living Monstrosity
Pull The Plug
Decapitated 6/2/12
Post(?) Organic
pit clip
Decrepit Birth 9/8/12
Diminishing Between Worlds
Deicide 7/28/12
When Satan Rules His World
Save Your
Witness Of Death
Dethklok 12/8/12
Duncan Hills Coffee
Deth Support
Devastator 1/22/12
Devildriver 3/17/12
Not All Who Wander Are Lost
Pure Sincerity
Diabolic Intent 2/24/12
Down 6/1/12
Underneath Everything
Temptations Wings
Bury Me In Smoke
Misfortune Teller
Dying Fetus 3/17/12
From Womb To Waste
One Shot, One Kill
Early Graves 10/7/12
Ebullition 7/28/12
The Suffered Testament
Empty 3/17/12
Of Malice And Men
Exhumed 7/31/12
Limb From Limb
Exodus 6/2/12
Scar Spangled Banner
Strike Of The Beast
Eye Empire 5/30/12
I Pray
Fear Factory 5/6/12
Acres Of Skin
Fleshgod Apocalypse 9/2/12
Requiem In Sj Minore
Through Our Scars

Goatwhore 7/31/12
In Deathless Tradition
Apocalyptic Havoc
Hatebreed 11/19/12
As Diehard As They Come
Doomsayer (with Randy Blythe)
Havok 10/7/12
Scumbag In Disguise
From The Cradle To The Grave
Hellwitch 7/28/12
Vicious Avidity
Hellwitch 12/2/12
Hour Of Penance 12/6/12
IcKiS 3/17/12
Mad Dog
Impending Doom 3/17/12
For The Wicked
Anything Goes
Incite 5/5/12
Nothing To Fear
Army Of Darkness
In Flames 1/17/12
Quiet Place
Cloud Connected
In Flames 11/19/12
Reroute To Remain
Cloud Connected
The Mirror's Truth
In Solitude 5/1/12
Witches Sabbath
Job For A Cowboy 3/17/12
Black Discharge
Job For A Cowboy 7/31/12
Children Of Deceit
Jungle Rot 9/8/12
Worst Case Scenario
Kataklysm 9/2/12
In Words Of Desperation
The Night They Returned
Push The Venom

Lamb Of God 11/19/12
Walk With Me In Hell
11th Hour
Happy Birthday
Black Label
Legacy Of Disorder 5/6/12
Lody Kong 5/5/12
Machine Head 2/9/12
The Blood The Sweat The Tears
Darkness Within
Machine Head 10/27/12
Darkness Within
Machine Head 12/8/12
Fucking Hostile
Marilyn Manson 10/27/12
Sweet Dreams
Masticator 1/22/12
Horrors Of The Flesh
Masticator 12/2/12
Misery Index 12/6/12
You Lose
The Great Depression
Motorhead 7/13/12
Damage Case
Municipal Waste 12/2/12
Headbanger Face Rip
wall of death
Wolves Of Chernobyl(with Barney Greenway)
Murder Suicide 7/28/12
Bone Crusher
Souls Of The Dead
Murder Suicide 12/6/12
Napalm Death 12/2/12
Suffer The Children
The Fatalist
Everyday Pox
Can't Play, Won't Pay
Obituary 2/24/12
Slowly We Rot
The End Complete
Find The Arise
Chopped In Half
Dethroned Emperor
By The Light
Obituary 9/8/12
Cause Of Death
Back To One
I'm In Pain
Slowly We Rot
Origin 6/2/12
Staring From The Abyss
The Aftermath
Banishing Illusion
Ovids Withering 9/2/12
Winter In Tomis
Path To Prevail 2/24/12
Path To Prevail 7/13/12
The Devil's Bride
Ponykiller 6/1/12
Another Toxic Year
Potential Threat 10/13/12
Second To None
Promethean Horde 12/2/12
Bring Forth The Fires
Prophecy Z14 2/24/12
Pillar Of Salt
Prophecy Z14 9/2/12
Relish The Fear
Rammstein 4/20/12
Intro & Sonne
Links 2 3 4
Buck Dich
Mein Teil
Ich Will
Rammstein 4/21/12
Feuer Frei!
Mein Teil
Mein Herz Brent
Revocation 6/2/12
Across Forests & Fjords
No Funeral
Rose Funeral 9/2/12
Arise Infernal Existance
Shadows Fall 5/6/12
What Drives The Weak
Divide & Conquer
Skeletonwitch 10/7/12
Submit To The Suffering
Skin Of Deceit
Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery
Slayer 7/13/12
Dead Skin Mask
South Of Heaven
Raining Blood
Slipknot 7/13/12
Soulfly 5/5/12
Plata O Plomo
Eye For An Eye
Stone Mountain Freeway 6/1/12
Home Sweet Hell
Suffocation 6/2/12
Pierced From Within
Suicide Silence 2/9/12
Slaves To Substance
Sylosis 11/19/12
The Black Dahlia Murder 12/8/12
Horrible Night To Have A Curse
The Browning 5/6/12
The Devastated 5/6/12
Thrash Or Die 10/13/12
Zombie Assault
Thrash Or Die 12/2/12
No Posers Allowed
Threat Signal 10/13/12
A New Beginning
Trivium 1/17/12
Built To Fall
Down From The Sky
Vital Remains 9/2/12
Hammer Down The Nails
Dechristianize (w/Glen Benton)

Volbeat 5/30/12
Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood
Watain 5/1/12
Reaping Death
Waters Of Ain (part)
Wretched 3/17/12
Repeat? The End Is Near
Wretched 10/13/12
At The First Sign Of Rust
Wykked Wytch 5/5/12
Despised Existence


Abigail Williams 12/7/11
Beyond The Veil
Abysmal Dawn 7/14/11
Leveling The Plane Of Existence
After The Burial 3/4/11
All Shall Perish 3/15/11
Dead Planet
When Life Meant More
Amon Amarth 4/29/11
Doom Over Dead Man
A Beast Am I
Without Fear
The Last Stand Of Frej
Amon Amarth 4/30/11
Slaves Of Fear
Cry Of The Blackbirds
Anthrax 11/2/11
I Am The Law
The Devil You Know
Got The Time
As I Lay Dying 3/4/11
Within Destruction
Belphegor 4/28/11
Rise To Fall And Fall To Rise
Angeli Mortis De Profundis
Cavalera Conspiracy 10/8/11
Black Ark
Children Of Bodom 7/10/11
Living Dead Beat
Hate Crew Deathroll
Chimaira 11/25/11
Pure Hatred
Death Angel 11/2/11
Thrown To The Wolves
Decapitated 10/3/11
Homo Sum
Mother War
Decrepit Birth 3/15/11
Diminishing Between Worlds
Decrepit Birth 10/3/11
The Infestation
Dying Fetus 8/17/11
Descend Into Depravity
Earth Crisis 10/8/11
Neutralize The Threat
Fleshgod Apocalypse 10/3/11
The Violation
Guns N' Roses 10/29/11
Shackler's Revenge
Street Of Dreams
Sweet Child O' Mine
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Hate 4/28/11
Hate 12/7/11
Luminous Horizon
Hatebreed 11/18/11
In Ashes They Shall Reap
Hate Eternal 7/14/11
Holy Grail 8/11/11
My Last Attack
Iron Maiden 4/16/11
Number Of The Beast
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Kataklysm 3/15/11
As I Slither
Like Angels Weeping
Crippled And Broken
Katatonia 10/1/11
Wait Outside
Keep Of Kalessin 4/28/11
Dragon Iconography
Keep Of Kalessin 12/7/11
Dragon Iconography
Kingdom Of Sorrow 8/13/11
Lead The Ghosts Astray
Kingdom Of Sorrow 8/14/11
Lead The Ghosts Astray
Los Lonely Boys 11/12/11
Machine Head 8/13/11
Machine Head 8/14/11
Megadeth 8/13/11
Public Enemy Number One
Molotov Solution 11/25/11
Injustice For All
Neuraxis 4/28/11
Opeth 10/1/11
The Throat Of Winter
Bon Jovi
Order Of Ennead 1/29/11
The Scriptures Of Purification
Origin 7/14/11
NFC? 1
NFC? 2
SepticFlesh 7/10/11
Five Pointed Star
Sepultura 4/28/11
Six Feet Under 8/17/11
Seed Of Filth
Skeletonwitch 11/25/11
This Horifying Force
Sacrifice For The Slaughtergod

Testament 1/29/11
The Formation Of Damnation
Testament 11/2/11
Into The Pit
Toxic Holocaust 8/11/11
Nuke The Cross
Unearth 11/25/11
This Lying World
Zombie Autopilot
Vital Remains 7/14/11
Hammer Down The Nails
Winds Of Plague 3/4/11


3 Inches Of Blood 8/11/10
Silent Killer
Anthrax 10/3/10
Caught In A Mosh
At Odds With God 3/14/10
Reborn To Die
Augury 2/26/10
Sovereigns Unknown
Behemoth 1/11/10

As Above So Below
At The Left Hand Ov God
Chant For Eschaton 2000
Bonded By Blood 9/5/10
Exiled To Earth
Bonded By Blood 11/14/10
Blood Spilled Offerings
Cannibal Corpse 4/20/10
Scattered Remains
Savage Butchery
Cannibal Corpse 5/15/10
Pit Of Zombies
Cannibal Corpse 5/16/10
Murder Worship
Cephalic Carnage 7/26/10
Chevelle 5/1/10
Get Some
Chimaira 8/10/10
Secrets Of The Dead
Death Angel 8/9/10
River Of Rapture
Decapitated 7/26/10
Decrepit Birth 7/26/10
Deicide 3/14/10
When Satan Rules His World
Oblivious To Evil
Devastator 5/21/10
Taste Of Death
Devildriver 2/5/10
Fate Stepped In
I Could Care Less
Meet The Wretched
Devildriver 2/6/10
Clouds Over California
Fate Stepped In
Jeff's Birthday
I've Been Sober
Meet The Wretched
D.R.I. 10/17/10
Beneath The Wheel
Empty 5/15/10
Surprise, You're Dead
Empyrean 8/9/10
Fire Walker
Evile 3/30/10
Enter The Grave
Evile 11/14/10
Time No More
Ex Deo 11/23/10
Blood, Courage & The Gods That....
Ex Deo 11/24/10
Legio XIII
Exodus 3/21/10
A Lesson In Violence
Toxic Waltz
Exodus 9/4/10
War Is My Shepherd
Happy Birthday Jack
Exodus 9/5/10
Beyond The Pale
Children Of A Worthless God
Bonded By Blood
Five Finger Death Punch 5/1/10
Never Enough
Forbidden 11/14/10
Adapt Or Die
Gamma Bomb 11/14/10
Hell Trucker
Goatwhore 2/5/10
Apocalyptic Havoc
Carving Out The Eyes Of God
Goatwhore 2/6/10
In Legions I Am Wars Of Wrath
Goatwhore 11/27/10
Razor Flesh Devoured
Carving Out The Eyes Of God
Hatebreed 8/10/10
Empty Promises
Tear It Down
As Diehard As They Come
Live For This
Hatebreed 8/11/10
This Is Now
Hatesphere 2/26/10
Cloaked In Shit
HellYeah 5/1/10
Cowboy Way
Holy Grail 9/5/10
NFC? 1
NFC? 2
Incite 3/6/10
Incite 12/12/10
Kalakai 2/26/10
True Love Ends In Homicide
Kalakai 7/26/10
True Love Ends In Homicide
Kataklysm 3/30/10
It Turns To Rust
As I Slither
Keep Of Kalessin 11/23/10
Keep Of Kalessin 11/24/10
Korn 5/1/10
Here To Stay
Oildale (Leave Me Alone)
Kreator 3/30/10
Endless Pain
Pleasure To Kill
Coma Of Souls
Kult Ov Azazel 5/21/10
Triumph Of Fire
Lecherous Nocturne 4/20/10
Just War Theory
Lecherous Nocturne 5/16/10
Death Hurts Only The Living
Malevolent Creation 9/5/10
Masticator 5/21/10
Severed Beheaded
Torn In Half
Burn Their Bodies

Masticator 5/28/10
Torn In Half
Bleeding The Unborn
Horrors Of The Flesh
Hammer Smashed Face
Masticator 9/25/10
Kill And Consume
Internal Inversion
Dragged Into The Darkness
Burn Their Bodies
Masticator 10/17/10
Dragged Into The Darkness
Kill And Consume
Bleeding The Unborn
Megadeth 3/21/10
Skin O' My Teeth
Megadeth 10/3/10
Take No Prisoners
A Tout Le Monde
Mendacity 9/25/10
Misery Index 12/10/10
Misanthropist 2/5/10
Rise Of The Kingdom Of Dis
Nile 11/23/10
Lashed To The Slave Stick
Nile 11/24/10
Black Seeds Of Vengeance
Obituary 5/28/10
Threatening Skies
Slowly We Rot
Overkill 11/14/10
Prong 3/6/10
Rude Awakening
Snap Your Fingers Snap Your Neck
Psycroptic 11/24/10
Rob Zombie 8/11/10
Living Dead Girl
Rotting Corpse 3/6/10
Absence Of Light
Scorpions 7/16/10
Scorpions 7/17/10
The Best Is Yet To Come
Septic Flesh 1/11/10
Sevendust 5/1/10
Skeletonwitch 4/20/10
Crushed Beyond Dust
Skeletonwitch 5/15/10
Stand, Fight & Die
Skeletonwitch 5/16/10
Repulsive Salvation
Skeletonwitch 12/10/10
Despoiler Of Human Life
Within My Blood
Slayer 10/3/10
South Of Heaven
Raining Blood
Aggressive Perfector
Soilwork 8/9/10
Natural Born Chaos
Soulfly 3/6/10
Lethal Injection
Eye For An Eye
Soulfly 12/12/10
Suffocation 2/5/10
Habitual Infamy
Blood Oath
Suffocation 2/6/10
Blood Oath
Infecting The Crypts
Testament 3/21/10
Into The Pit
The Athiarchists 8/10/10
Frontier Justice
The Faceless 7/26/10
The Glorious Death 9/25/10
Necrophagist Pleasure
Thrash Or Die 10/17/10
No Posers Allowed
Fist Fucking Metal
Thy Will Be Done 2/5/10
Earth's Final Embrace
Mourning Without The Sun
Raining Blood/Reveal Resolution
Thy Will Be Done 2/6/10
And Fire Will Fall
Raining Blood Pit
Trivium 5/1/10
Pull Harder
Vital Remains 7/26/10


Absu 6/27/09
An Involution Of Thorns
Magic(k) Square Cipher
Abysmal Dawn 6/26/09
The Descent
All That Remains 11/5/09
This Calling
Tattered On My Sleeve
Happy Birthday Jason
Behemoth 8/11/09Slaves Shall Serve
Ov Fire And The Void
Behemoth 8/12/09
At The Left Hand Ov God
Conquer All
Ov Fire And The Void
Chant For Eschaton 2000
Cannibal Corpse 8/11/09Evisceration Plague
Sentenced To Burn
Priests Of Sodom
Striped, Raped and Strangled
Cannibal Corpse 8/12/09
Make Them Suffer
Cannibal Corpse 11/14/09
Evisceration Plague
Cannibal Corpse 11/15/09
I Cum Blood
Chimaira 12/11/09
Secrets Of The Dead
Daath 6/26/09
Wilting On The Vine
The Worthless
Darkest Hour 6/16/09
No God
Deliver Us
Despised Icon 8/5/09In The Arms Of Perdition
Dethklok 11/8/09
Go Into The Water
Devildriver 8/5/09
End Of The Line
I've Been Sober
Clouds Over California
Back With A Vengeance
Meet The Wretched
I Dreamed I Died
Dying Fetus 6/16/09
Homicidal Retribution
Emmure 8/5/09Sunday Bacon
Goatwhore 6/26/09
Carving Out The Eyes Of God
Apocalyptic Havoc
Alchemy Of The Black Sun Cult
Gojira 10/1/09
Heaviest Matter Of The Universe
Gojira 10/3/09
Hatebreed 11/15/09
In Ashes They Shall Reap
Ghosts Of War
Hed Pe 9/9/09
Stir It Up

Judas Priest 8/17/09
Breaking The Law
Living After Midnight
Killswitch Engage 8/11/09
My Curse
Killswitch Engage 8/12/09
Starting Over
Lamb Of God 10/1/09
Dead Seeds
Happy Birthday John
Walk With Me In Hell
Black Label
Lamb Of God 10/2/09
Dead Seeds
Lamb Of God 10/3/09Redneck
Walk With Me In Hell
Machine Head 11/25/09
Struck A Nerve
Marilyn Manson 8/11/09
Little Horn
Four Rusted Horses
Masticator 6/16/09
Kill And Consume
Hammer Smashed Face
Mastodon 11/8/09
Aqua Dementia
Megadeth 11/25/09
In My Darkest Hour
Metallica 10/1/09
That Was Just Your Life
For Whom The Bell Tolls
The Shortest Straw
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
Seek And Destroy
Metallica 10/3/09
Harvester Of Sorrow
Mushroomhead 9/9/09
Damage Done
Necrophagist 6/16/09
Only Ash Remains
Dawn And Demise
Fermented Offal Discharge
Nonpoint 7/2/09
March Of War
Bullet With A Name
Origin 6/16/09
The Beyond Within
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder 6/26/09
Nothing Defeats The Skull
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder 6/27/09
Graveyard Vandalization
Beware The Thrash Brigade
Skeletonwitch 10/30/09
The Despoiler Of Human Life
Slayer 8/11/09
Dead Skin Mask
Slayer 8/12/09
Psycopathy Red
Dead Skin Mask
Angel Of Death
Suffocation 6/16/09
Habitual Infamy
Dismal Dream
Infecting The Crypts
Sum41 7/18/09Underclass Hero
The Offspring 7/18/09Have You Ever
Staring At The Sun
The Kids Aren't Alright
Gotta Get Away
Why Don't You Get A Job
Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)
Want You Bad
Self Esteem

Thrash Or Die 6/27/09
Mosh Pit Messiah
Thy Will Be Done 8/5/09Subversion Of The Sleep
Toxic Holocaust 10/30/09
Nuke The Cross
Trivium 12/11/09
Into The Mouth Of Hell We March
Slave New World (Sepultura cover)
Unearth 11/14/09
Sanctity Of Brothers
Unearth 11/15/09
My Will Be Done
Whitechapel 12/11/09
This Is Exile
Winds Of Plague 6/16/09

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